Unit Two

An IPEX 4870 CCTV Pipeline Inspection System that includes:
–  Remote control unit
–  SK 80 Pan and Tilt camera head, 1-lux sensitivity, 420-line resolution with 2 * 175° rotation and 2 * 135° tilt
–  FW 125 Crawler with six wheel drive, variable speed and steerable. complete with a range of wheels and extensions to suit pipes up to 1200 diameter
–  200 metre standard cable
–  Auxiliary light head for larger diameter pipes
–  Electronic metre counter with on screen display

And has the following equipment:
–     Gatorcam 3 inch colour pushrod camera with 90 metre cable and 4 inch skids
–     Fully portable control box including computer, monitor, Capture card, DVD Burning Rom, title maker and RD4OOLCT512Transmitter for locating camera
–     Single phase 2.0 KVA, 240v Honda inverter generator
–     NaviTrack 11 locater capable of locating a range of frequencies including – power, Telecom and both cameras
–     Dragar MiniWarn Multi-Gas Monitor
–     FALLRIGHT Mini-Bloc’s safety harness
–     Uniden 40 channel Walkie talkies and charger (2 sets)
–     RD400LTCx Gator transmitter set up to assist with the location of metallic water or gas services
–     Meter Counter wheel
–     Hand tools

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